Religion Bites. So do I.

This is Joshua Feuerstein.  This is his video debunking the Theory of Evolution in 3 minutes.

And. I. Can’t.

The Theory of Evolution doesn't state that a perfectly functioning world was created at the time of the Big Bang. That's why it's a theory of evolution - change over time that occurs through natural selection.  Over time.  Slowly. 

What did this guy do?  Google a bunch of "science words" on Wikipedia and create a Vlog so he can showcase his well-rehearsed, televangelist voice?  Read a few articles, Bub, before you try and put your Theology degree to use by debunking Mr. Atheist’s POV.

What's the difference in saying all life developed from a single-called organism and saying all mankind was born of Adam and Eve, one of which was created out of a rib? Had I known I could create people out of bones I would have had a new friend every time I left BW3’s.

Everybody has an opinion and everybody should have an opinion.  But have you ever heard a nun or a priest hammer a opinion into someone’s head by dumbing down an opposing view or calling something someone believes as stupid? I have - in a Baptist church.  They also told me that God created Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve all while heterosexual infidelity and money-laundering scandals were brewing behind the alter.

A person who is safe in their faith doesn't have to tell someone else that what they believe is wrong.  You know why?  Because a person who is safe in their faith is not threatened by an opposing opinion.  What you're doing by calling a person and their beliefs "stupid", is bullying.  And it's 2014 - that shit's old.

You wanna put yourself out there Joshua?  Do it.  Build yourself a Big Butter Jesus (#StateRoute75) and pray and sing and worship.  But let’s not try and disprove a scientific theory while we’re driving in our 2015 Chevy Suburban that the church tithes, undoubtedly, paid for. You look like an asshole.