Being a TV Extra - "Mind Games"

Recently I was an extra on a TV show that will debut (I think) in March 2014 called "Mind Games".  I had never done it before so I put on my best "background artist" dress and gave it a whirl.

So I found the listing on Facebook as well on  I sent in my information and they called me back and told me what I needed to do; call a number the day before and listen to the instructions on where to go, what to wear, what to bring, etc.

We were doing an airport scene so I had to bring luggage and changes of clothing (casual and business) and I couldn't wear white or red... so naturally I brought my red suitcase so I could easily spot myself when the episode airs.

This isn't the BEST vlog because some of my videos didn't record any sound but I made a little video to share.  I'll be doing it again on Friday so I'll try and fill in some of the gaps with that one.  

The production company is very adamant about not using your phone because there are people who scour the internet for pics and such on social media so I couldn't snag any shots of Christian Slater or the actual scenes we were shooting.

Without further ado...