Being a TV Extra - "Chicago Fire" Season 2 Finale

About a month ago I was an extra, or "background actor" as some prefer that illusion of grandeur, on Chicago Fire.

We weren't allowed to post pictures or videos so I schemed to make a video and wait until the show had aired thereby breaking no rules and still being able to show what the experience of being an extra is like on a show that's actually going somewhere.

Here's a peek:


Overall I think the biggest difference between this experience and when I was on Mind Games is that we were filming the season 2 finale and the show was already renewed for a third season.  That being said, there's a noticeable difference when you're on the set of a show where the cast is comfortable with their characters and the production value is high.  They seemed to actually be enjoying themselves because their performance wasn't over-shadowed by the fear "this might not actually work out". 

And in the case of Mind Games... it certainly didn't.