The Reel Deal - How to Vote on Squerb

Hey Friends!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has liked this, liked that, and voted (or attempted to vote) for me on Squerb.  It's been a really fun and moving experience to have so many people ready to help me do something super exciting.

That being said, there has been A LOT of confusion about Squerb and how to use it.  A good amount of people have talked to me and thought they voted but, in actuality, did not because they weren't sure how to navigate the Squerb website.

I took a minute to make a video showing how to cast your vote so if you have voted but only once, if you think you voted but aren't sure, or if you haven't voted because the Squerb grid scared you check out this video and give it another go.  It's going well so far but I'm still a few hundred votes/Squerbs below some of the contestants.

How To Vote on Squerb

ALSO, there have apparently been some people going about getting votes in a not-so-nice way...  So in the spirit of good-sportsmanship I wanted to share some of the audition videos from other contestants that are my favorites.  I get to work with some really talented people if I am cast so I think it's important to support each other and share the love.

You can vote for me here:

You can check out all the contestants here :

And these are some of my faves :

Adam Nelson:

Ali Hill:

Charissa J Adams

Alissa Juvan:

Conner Marx:

Allene Quincy:

Betsy Reisz:

Jeffrey Masters:

Again, thank you (thank you, thank you) to everyone who has been a part of this so far.  I've got a big hug and, probably, a smooch ready for you.