What is "The Reel Deal"?

If you’ve seen my videos lately you know I am auditioning for a Reality TV show called “The Reel Deal”.  Just to clear up any confusion about what is happening, here are all the juicy details:

“The Reel Deal” is a new show that challenges groups of artists to create an independent film.  Sometime in July, 6 groups including 1 director, 1 writer, 1 composer, and 3 actors will be challenged to write and produce a short film in 7 days under the watchful eye of a celebrity-mentor.

That’s ALL I know!  I’m not sure if there is prize money, if there are mini-challenges along the way, if there’s any contact to the outside world, etc.  

After creating a personality video stating why I think I would make a good addition to the show, approximately 27,000 entries were whittled down to about 200.  Currently I am a semi-finalist and we are given 3 chances to record a callback video.  At 3 different dates and at different times a website opens up for 2 hours.  On it there are a selection of monologues from which we select, learn, film and upload our video to YouTube and our semi-finalist page - WITHIN those 2 hours.  On April 24th public-voting commences and it is in the hands of the viewers as to who makes it onto the show.  We have 2 weeks to get as many votes as possible.

I’m super excited - I think it’ll be a really great opportunity.  I’m too old to be the next American Idol (not to mention there’s waaaaay too much dirt floating around about me to even get past the first round).  No but seriously, I never dreamed of being a Reality TV “star” but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

For more information you can visit the show’s website here: http://thereeldeal.tv

And this is a link to my personal, semi-finalists page which (I think) will host my voting link on April 24th: http://thereeldeal.tv/ricky-lee-barnes/

Stay tuned for info and check out my videos below!  They are also on my Videos page.

Audition Video

The Reel Deal Callback 1

The Reel Deal Callback 2