"Never Change" - A Writing 6 Sketch Show at Second City TC

"Do you believe life was better yesterday? Do you long for a world where adult softball games take priority over having children and policemen reign as holy cowboys of the highway? Do you lament the rise of Ventra, autocorrect, and job accountability? Or do you believe in love - the idea that one lapdance or parked car can change your life forever?This is the show for you."

This is my first sketch show at the Second City TC and I'm super excited about it.  We've all put in so much work rehearsing, filming promo videos, testing blackouts and eating trail mix that it'd be a shame for you to miss it.

What I love about the show is this is the final showcase for all of our writers - a graduation, if you will.  After being a part of the Writing program at Second City for one year, they write, cast, and bring original sketch material to fruition.  It's amazing to know that while this is my first sketch show, this is there first at SC as well and they've worked through 6 classes to get to this point.

The show is a little under an hour and incorporates sketch, blackouts and even a musical number.  So if you're free on a Friday and wanna laugh at bananas and humanity's inability to gracefully accept change, please come hang out.  We'll be sure to act up.

Directed by Angela McMahon
Music by Jeff Bouthiette

Starring Ricky Lee BarnesAshley GeronVictoria ReynosoAriel Ringham,Max Sterling, and Rich Williams

Written by Amy Brown CarverJamie FergusonLisa FloranAmanda Holland,Katie MarkovichSara O'ScanlonJess Proulx, and Nate Steele

March 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th and April 4th
7:30pm DeMaat Theatre 
Tickets $12 General Public, $10 Students, $6 Second City Training Center Students