Sauce and Bread Kitchen

Sauce and Bread Kitchen is a small/medium sized eatery on Clark Street just a bit south of Devon in Edgewater.  It's easy to miss if you don't know it's there but it's definitely worth keeping those peepers open.  I've been twice and tried four different things and they all knocked my panties off.  Knocked em right off.

The self-proclaimed bakery/cafe boasts a menu of sandwiches and baked goodies with a rotating menu.  Don't think small-business Subway - it is not.  Everything is made to order (aside from baked goods) from organic and locally obtained ingredients.  If you're looking for a mechanically separated chicken breast you'll be disappointed.

The space is decorated in the popular industrial meets repurposed/minimal.  That combined with the "we're different" menu items like the Broccoli and Cheese Sconiscuit (somewhere between a scone and biscuit) topped with cauliflower gravy may lead you to expect this spot to be ANOTHER establishment built on a cornerstone of snobbery.  This is not the case, in my opinion.  The staff is comprised of a handful of friendlies and 50% of all the profit of their sauces go to help with a local children's art fund. 

You had me at "art".


  • Creative and interesting menu items like a Guajillo and Tamarind Smoked Turkey Sandwich on a demi-baguette  with whipped feta spread and house Chow Chow Pickle Relish.
  • Coffee, water, or bottle beverages
  • $10-15 bill

Don't Expect

  • To have your food in 2 minutes
  • Anything corporate (like a soda fountain)
  • "Combo Meals"


Give it a whirl.  I highly doubt you'll be let down.  And make sure to grab a cookie for the road.  Just like your mammaw used to make.