Before Chicago I never knew gay men watched sports. I thought we had Oscar parties and perfected our needle-craft.  I have since been schooled and although I still don't quite understand the rules of football (and I certainly still can't sit through an entire baseball or basketball game) I'm thankful for Crew

"Chicago's premier gay sports bar + grill"

I've been to Crew about ten times. I'm a beer fan and, growing up in Ohio, a sports bar fan. 

Side note - I miss my Fricker's


The bar is located on Broadway & Lawrence in Chicago's Uptown and has a full menu, seasonal and rotating drafts beersdaily specials, and an outdoor patio.  (Who doesnt like a patio?). They have 21- some TVs to fulfill the sports bar standard, host GLBT community events like a Chili Contest and fundraising events as well as bar staples (trivia, karaoke, DJs, AND a Hot Jock jockstrap contest - which I accidentally happened upon one faithful Spring evening ). 


$1-2 Taco Tuesday

The staff is friendly and always familiar, the food is great and the prices are fine (especially when you check out the daily specials).  The sports bar sans-douche! They are open Sunday-Saturday so even if your waistline doesn't support the decision, you could easily find an excuse to visit multiple times a week.

At least try the $1 Tacos. #idie

If you want to try a fun neighborhood-y spot check it out. They keep the calendar up to date so you can easily check out what's on and poppin'. 

I give it 4.5/5 Beergaritas. It's probably not everybody's cup of tea but if you're a Midwesterner, sports nut, or grub/bubbles enthusiast I think you'll make out like a bandit. 

C U Next Tuesday!

('s Taco Day.)