Lets Play Pretend - I'm It

Life (cf. biota) is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not.

SELF-sustaining. Keyword. Operative.

Have you ever wondered how children perceive the world differently?  The majority or kids are happy, right?  You give them a Barbie or Optimus Prime, let em snack on a chicken nugget or two, and they're off. Aside from a skinned knee or stubbed toe, boys and girls don't talk to their mommies and/or daddies about the economic crisis or Chick-fil-a...  Children don't understand more than whether or not something makes them happy.

Pleasure seeking. Id, Ego, Super Ego. Debunk Freud if you must - that's neither here nor there and I'm not even getting into penis-envy. But really, what's so bad about playing dumb?  Do you ever want to look at yourself in the mirror and channel the late, Mr. Ledger - "Why so serious, Ricky". Feel free to use your own name.

Personally, I'd consider myself emotional - empathetic to my environment. I'm the type that cries at strangers' weddings and when I see a stray dog. Overly sensitive?  Maybe, but I'd rather that than the cold, unloveable opposite.

Easily daunted?  Probably.

My head hums with "what if??"  "What if I make an omelet for breakfast?  Eh, then I have to wash things."  "What if I wear THESE shoes?  Eh, then people might think I'm loserly."  "What if I sell out and make a ton more money so I can afford the 4k a month apt downtown that I'd looooove to show off to my pals. Eh, but then I'd have to... Do things."  Push or pull today?  It's a mixed bag.

So what's the harm in playing dumb?  If every now and then we just shut it off. All of it. Instead of thinking about work and money and showmanship and competition, we simply ask ourselves "what will make me smile, today?"  What would happen if once a day everyone did just one thing that really made them feel it... Like a kid at McDonalds in a pit filled with Hi-C covered balls. Ahhh, the good life. Easy, simple, sticky.

And a vacation doesn't count because your life always sucks when you get home. Vacations are like diets - you get immediate results that don't last very long.

Today I decide to play dumb because I played smart this entire week and I barely remember any of it. Be a doll and throw me that Barbie. I'm taking a Simple Pleasures Day. If you need something, please call my assistant. Her phone number doesn't exist.