Fireplace Smell-Goods

Fireplace Smell-Goods

These little babies are made of all kinds of things that smell good and cozy.  There are all different versions you can find on Pinterest but this is how I decided to do mine.

Step 1:
I bought a big, 3-wick pillar candle and hammered a screwdriver right down the center to bust it apart.  Then I took out all my aggression relating to the past winners of American Idol, the Presidential Election, and the fact that Danity Kane is STILL not back together...*sigh* on the remaining chunks.  I hammered and hammered and busted them up until I had a sack FULL of candle pieces.

TIP: Double bag the candle pieces while you are busting them apart to help keep wax dust from getting onto everything.
TIP 2: Save the wicks from the pillar candle and you can use them later with left-over pieces from this project (and there will probably be a lot) to refill an old candle container you don’t want to throw away.

Step 2:
I made “snow” by shaving a different, lighter candle with a razor blade.  This part is optional… I suppose.  But when you’re crafting, go big or go homo.  Am I right, or am I right?

Step 3:
Pick a nice decorative cupcake paper.  Be smart – don’t pick the foil ones.  I’m pretty sure that would do something bad if you burned them.  I got these from a craft store.  Put the papers (2 per cup) in a cupcake pan and fill about ¾ the way with your wax pieces. 

Keep in mind they will melt and will go into the crevasses of the pine cones so don’t be shy but don’t do it crazy.  You hear me?

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The wax will get into your cupcake pan.  I would recommend, if you think this is something you really want to do, getting yourself a cheap “craft” cupcake pan OR treat yourself to a new one for all your tasty treasures and use that old, burnt up one shoved somewhere under the stove.

Step 4:
200 degree oven, 5-10 minutes.  This depends on how big your wax chunks were.  Keep an eye on them so you don’t burn the house down.  It’s wax after all. 

Step 5:
Gather up your smell goods.  I had dried orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and fragrance oil… not to mention the pine cones were cinnamon-scented.  Pop your cone right down into the wax and let them cool about 10 mins.  You can decorate them with dried herbs, dried peels of citrus fruit, etc.  DON'T use the fragrance oil yet.  It will burn up and you'll waste it.  YOUR kitchen will smell good but don't be stingy. 

Step 6:
Once they are cooled, wiggle them out of your cupcake pan and transfer them to an aluminum-lined cookie sheet.  Sprinkle them with your wax snow and shake off any excess.

Step 7:
Put them back in the cupcake pan.  (you’re almost done… calm down).  You want to put your cones back in the oven for literally only about one minute.  This will just slightyly melt the snow into the insides of the cones.

Take them out of the oven and re-sprinkle them with snow.  Use a few drops of fragrance oil on each one (optional) to kick it up a notch.

Step 8:
Stand back and look at your little guys.  Put them together in a basket and give them to the person who has the worst smelling house.  They can use them to burn in their fireplace or just set them around for smell goods.  Personally… I think they should be put in a fire because they’re a good amount of work to just sit around and be potpourri.  I really hate potpourri.

I have no idea how they work but if you have tried them or some version of them let me know.  Still waiting to hear back from Miss Nikki as to how her’s burned.  Take care, and smell fancy.