Repurposed Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles - Recycled

Glass bottles can be recycled in a lot of ways and SHOULD be recycled in some way - even if it's just going in the recycling bin.  Glass lasts a long time - it takes at least 1 million years to biodegrade.  So I decided to use a few wine bottles to replace a few uglier things in the kitchen.  Let me explain...

This is ugly.  We all have dish soap but who wants a huge bottle of dawn sitting on the counter?  It looks like a college dorm.  No, wait... it doesn't, because college kids just rinse things off with water and flick the dried food off.  Whatever it looks like, it's ugly.

This is not ugly.  The soap is still readily available but in a much more visually appealing bottle.  All I did was soak a St. Michelle's Riesling bottle in some soapy dish water for about 15 minutes.  The labels will soften and you can peel them off.  If they don't peel clean use a little alcohol or nail polish remover or adhesive remover (Goo-Gone) to get the sticky off.  Fill it up and cork it with a pour-topper.

The hardest thing is finding the toppers but you can run across them in craft stores, kitchen sections, here and there - just keep an eye out.

You can pretty much reuse your bottles for any type of liquid, I suppose.  I also did one for olive oil because I thought it looked fancier than a plastic bottle sitting on the counter.  This bottle is a Cupcake Wine bottle.

See!  The bottles aren't just fun when they're full of alcohol.  Wine - how versatile.

Happy fillin'

<3 R