Easy Shredded Gift Packing

Easy Shredded Gift Packing

So you have a gift to give someone and when you put in the box or giftbag, or whatever, it looks puny and sad.  But it's dumb to run to walmart or the craft store, fight the traffic, stand in line, and spend $3 on a bag of shredded lettuce paper.

So... DIY

I searched the internet for free, printable scrapbook paper.  When I found what I wanted I printed out about 12 sheets (we used Christmas ones), and put it in the paper shredded here at the office.  Granted I understand not everybody has a paper shredder at home... so I can't really help everybody here.  But for those of you who have access to/work in an office this is a quick and easy way to turn this:

into this:
And then into this:

Happy Packing!