Decorative Envelopes & Tags

Decorative Envelopes & Tags

These are super handy and easy.  Ashley and I wanted to make some envelopes for Christmas presents.  There IS something inside... it's not just the envelope.

First I found some online, printable scrapbook paper.  There is a lot and I used the same designs that I used yesterday for the shredded gift packing.  Now one thing I DO recommend is using a thicker paper in your printer, if you have it.  We used our manager's fancy paper so the envelopes have a little more weight to them.  Fancy first.

So print your scrapbook paper (however many envelopes you'll need - one piece per envelope).  After that, reload your paper and print this envelope template on the backside.  You can also print one template on a thicker piece of paper, cut it out, and use it to trace around.  Whichever option you choose, you'll end up with this:

Flip your paper over to the white side.  Each flap will fold inward and eventually be glued.  I had Ashley help me with this one so I could take the picture.  I think it works best, and gives you nice crisp lines, if you use a ruler (or something straight) to fold all four flaps against... like this:
** NOTE **
This step will only work if your hands are incredibly tan

Once you have nice creases fold the flaps in flat and run your finger along each fold to make them sharp and ready to glue.  The two smaller side-flaps will fold in first and the large, bottom flap will fold up over them. 

Use a glue stick on the side flaps, hold each in and fold the bottom flap up.  You really only want to use a glue stick to do this otherwise your envelopes will look lumpy.  DIY is great... but not when it looks like garbage.

You should end up with something pretty... like this:

That's pretty much it!  Stuff em and use a small amount of glue from your gluestick to seal your envelope.  You can also seal it with stickers...wax...magic... whatever works for ya. 

We also printed labels and cut them out and glued them on the front of our envelopes.  This whole project cost absolutely nothing, they look professional, and they're cute.  You can get as creative as you want... pick your paper, pick your labels.  You could even use store-bought scrapbooking paper or construction paper, etc.

Keep it classy and Happy Frickin' Christmasauce!