Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever broken a heart?

Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever broken a heart?
4 times.  I've had 4 serious relationships with 4 good guys, and slowly drove 3/4 crazy lol.  I have a bad habit of not knowing what I have until I don't have it anymore.  I'll say I've broken their hearts also. 

I think relationships are difficult because you really never know a person until you start stripping away the "show".  It's not easy... learning things you don't want to know, and sharing things you don't want anyone else to know.  They always come back.  They will always be used against you.

Sometimes, keeping certain things a secret is a good idea.

...  I don't think a broken heart ever fully heals.  It's better than it doesn't.  We all have SOMEONE... when you think about him/her it makes ur chest ache.  For 10 seconds you whip thru the relationship, beginning to end, the good and bad, and terrible, and everything in between.  For 10 seconds you wonder why you still care, remember why you do, and remember why you shouldn't.  For 10 seconds you could almost let your eyes tear up but then think better of it; you've done that enough already.

Everybody should love and lose at least once before you find "the one".  It's good to know how it feels to lose what you've built your life around.  Otherwise, we'd just go around with a phony expectation that there's always someone else, someone better, someone more suited. 

There IS always someone else, but not necessarily better.  New = Better is for cell phones, and cars - not your partner.  One of my mentors, George Zalucki says "If you want to feel love, become love."

Love the one you're with.  Just give them all you have.  If it doesn't work out, you'll know in your heart and mind that you tried as hard as you could.  There IS a comfort in that.