I've never been a funny guy; I've always been hilarious.

That's not true.

My first time being on stage was in 2nd grade.  I was Christopher Columbus and wore a big, silly wig with bobby-pinned curls on the sides.  I still remember that wig...  It felt like a Santa Claus beard and that scratchy, white cotton my grandma's next door neighbor used to stuff her crocheted dolls.

I became super shy during middle-school and gave up on music and performance (other than orchestra) because I didn't want to draw anymore attention to myself than I innately seemed to do.  In high school I threw caution to the wind and joined choir after I let a friend convince me to audition for "Singin' in the Rain".

So after a few classes here and there, a few sprinkles of performances, and getting sidetracked by the small-town life of Dayton, Ohio I have found myself transplanted to Chicago.  I graduated from the Improv program at Second City, and try to keep a good balance between personal development (through various classes and workshop) and stage/on-camera performances.  I have studio at Second City, Green Room Studio, Black Box Acting, and Old Town School of Folk Music.

My favorite place to be is in front of a camera but I appreciate and participate in performance opportunities of all kinds.  I love the process of film-making and that take-away of creating something that people can watch forever.  On the other hand, I love the opportunity to flesh out a story on stage from beginning to end and feel the gamut of emotions.

As any good slave to social-media should, I always try to keep this site and others updated with interesting goodies.  I'm a little strange and, quite honestly, don't give a fuck about keeping up appearances so I appreciate that in others.  Normal is boring and because of this "truth" I urge you - If you seek ordinary, average, politically correct, or safe... DO NOT turn the page.

For the rest of you who've stumbled into my world - Welcome to the Big Show.  Let's get weird.


"It isn't easy finding a real method actor. With Ricky and his determination to bring out the deepest levels of sadism in his character, my horror movie indeed turned out horrifying." 

Timothy Van Mieghem


"Ricky Lee is unquestionably becoming one of my favorite actors in Chicago.  His work ethic is bar none and his instincts are simply amazing. Its wonderful when an actor gives so freely and readily and nails each take with such depth, precision and passion...  I really feel this wonderful, creative energy when Ricky is on set."

Christopher Koranek


"Ricky was a pleasure to work with on the short film Officers of the Law. He was prepared, patient and professional. I would happily work with him again in the future."

Sebastian J. Howley

Any Moment Productions, LLC